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Course of the month:

A) Beginners: iOS 11 & Swift 4 — The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp. [17,747 recommends, 4.8/5 stars]

B) Build Apps: The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course — Build 20 Apps. [2,865 recommends, 4.6/5 stars]

Rank 1

How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush with SpriteKit and Swift: Part 1. Courtesy of Kevin Colligan

……[Part 2]

……[Part 3]

Rank 2

Running Keras models on iOS with CoreML. Courtesy of Adrian Rosebrock

Rank 3

Detecting Whisky brands with Core ML and IBM Watson services. Courtesy of Martin Mitrevski

Rank 4

Build A Blockchain App With Swift 4. Courtesy of Reinder de Vries

Rank 5

Build it, Test it, Deliver it!Complete iOS Guide on Continuous Delivery with fastlane and Jenkins. Courtesy of S.T.Huang

Rank 6

Reimplementation of Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals. Courtesy of Mark Lacey

Rank 7

Behind-the scenes improvements in Swift 4.1. Courtesy of Slava Pestov

Rank 8

Playground driven development in Swift. Courtesy of Khoa Pham

Rank 9

Introducing Swift For TensorFlow. Courtesy of TensorFlow

Rank 10

Best iOS hacks from Twitter. Courtesy of Lisa Dziuba

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