Node.JS Top 10 Articles of the Year (v.2017)

For the past year, we’ve ranked nearly 8,500 Node.JS articles to pick the Top 10 stories (0.12% chance) that can help you prepare your development career in 2017.

This Node.JS list includes topics such as: Backend, MongoDB, Express, Structure, Test, Passport.

This is an extremely competitive list and Mybridge has not been solicited to promote any publishers. Mybridge AI ranks articles based on the quality of content measured by our machine and a variety of human factors including engagement and popularity. Mybridge AI ranks articles based on parameters including the quality of content, popularity, and other human factors. Hopefully this condensed list will help you read and learn more productively in the area of Node.JS.

Give a plenty of time to read all of the articles you’ve missed this year. You’ll find the experience and lessons shared by Node.JS leaders particularly useful.

Rank 1

Art of Node: A Short Introduction to Node.JS [5,808 stars on Github]. Courtesy of maxogden

Rank 2

Building and Securing a Modern Backend API with Node.JS. Courtesy of Ado Kukic and Scotch Development

Rank 3

19 things I learnt reading the NodeJS docs. Courtesy of David Gilbertson

Rank 4

How I built an app with 500,000 users in 5 days on a $100 server with Node.JS & MongoDB. Courtesy of Erik Duindam

Rank 5

Advanced Node.js Project Structure Tutorial. Courtesy of Trace by RisingStack

Rank 6

How to build a URL Shortener with Node.JS, MongoDB, Hapi.JS.

Rank 7

Test a Node RESTful API with Mocha and Chai.

Rank 8

Introduction to Node & Express. Courtesy of Eric Elliott

Rank 9

How to build your own Uber-for-X App. Courtesy of Ashwin Hariharan

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