Machine Learning Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.May 2018)

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  • Topics in this list: Roles of ML, Learning Paper, Virtual Stuntman, Annotated Transformer, Differentiable Plasticity, Medical image datasets, RNN/LSTM, Keras, CNNs, PyTorch, Audio
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Course of the month:

A) Beginners: Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included.[11,909 recommends, 4.5/5 stars]

B) Deep Learning: Advanced Computer Vision. [2,166 recommends, 4.7/5 stars]

Rank 1

Rules of Machine Learning: Best Practices for ML Engineering. Courtesy of Martin Zinkevich

Rank 2

Lessons Learned Reproducing a Deep Reinforcement Learning Paper. Courtesy of Matthew Rahtz

Rank 3

Towards a Virtual Stuntman. Courtesy of Xue Bin (Jason) Peng

Rank 4

The Annotated Transformer — Harvard NLP.

Rank 5

Differentiable Plasticity: A New Method for Learning to Learn — Training plastic neural networks with backpropagation. Courtesy of Thomas Miconi and Jeff Clune and Kenneth O. Stanley

……[Research Paper]

Rank 6

The unreasonable usefulness of deep learning in medical image datasets.

Rank 7

The fall of RNN / LSTM. Courtesy of Eugenio Culurciello

Rank 8

Keras and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Courtesy of Adrian Rosebrock

Rank 9

Tutorial on implementing YOLO v3 from scratch in PyTorch. Courtesy of Ayoosh Kathuria

Rank 10

Looking to Listen: Audio-Visual Speech Separation. Courtesy of Inbar Mosseri and Oran Lang

……[Research Paper]


Open Images Dataset V4

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