Learn React.js from Top 45 Tutorials for the past year (v.2018)

Between Jan~Dec 2017, we’ve compared nearly 18,000 React.js articles to pick the Top 45 that would help advance your web development career in 2018.

This is an extremely competitive list (45/18,000 or 0.25% chance), and carefully picks the most useful React.js articles published for the past year. Mybridge AI evaluates the quality by considering popularity, engagement and recency.

Tutorials are divided into 15 groups to improve relevance (see below).

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No 1

Under the hood: ReactJS — Entire React code base explanation by visual block schemes (Stack+Fiber versions). Courtesy of Bohdan Liashenko

No 2

React Bits: A compilation of React Patterns, techniques, tips and tricks. Courtesy of Vasa

No 3

React Express: The all-in-one beginner’s guide to modern React application development. Courtesy of Devin Abbott

No 4

Serverless Stack: A guide to creating full-stack serverless app (a note taking app) with React.js, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Cognito. Courtesy of Frank Wang and Jay V

<Get Started>

No 5

All the fundamental React.js concepts, jammed into this single Medium article. Courtesy of Samer Buna and freeCodeCamp

No 6

Simple React Development in 2017. Courtesy of Joshua Comeau and Hackernoon

No 7

Setup a React Environment Using webpack and Babel. Courtesy of Joy Warugu and Scotch Development

No 8

Isn’t our code just the *BEST*: Views from the 6 weeks in hell I spent rewriting bumpers in react. Courtesy of fat


No 9

Our Best Practices for Writing React Components. Courtesy of Scott Domes

No 10

7 Architectural Benefits of a Reliable React Component. Courtesy of Dmitri Pavlutin

No 11

Simple React Patterns: Dealing With Side-Effects In React.

No 12

A gentle Introduction to Higher Order Components. Courtesy of Robin Wieruch

No 13

8 Key React Component Decisions. Courtesy of Cory House


No 14

The 100% correct way to structure a React app (or why there’s no such thing). Courtesy of David Gilbertson


No 15

How to GraphQL — The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL. Courtesy of Graphcool


No 16

All About React Router 4. Courtesy of Brad Westfall

No 17

Build your own React Router v4. Courtesy of Tyler McGinnis


No 18

8 things to learn in React before using Redux. Courtesy of Robin Wieruch

No 19

Redux 4 Ways: Implementations of Thunk vs Saga vs Observable vs Redux Promise Middleware in 10 minutes. Courtesy of Nader Dabit

No 20

Immutability in JavaScript using Redux. Courtesy of David Xu and Toptal

<Server-side Rendering>

No 21

Scaling React Server-Side Rendering. Courtesy of Robert Arkwright

No 22

What’s New With Server-Side Rendering in React 16. Courtesy of Sasha Aickin


No 23

Clean Code vs. Dirty Code: React Best Practices. Courtesy of Donavon West

No 24

Functional setState is the future of React. Courtesy of Justice Mba


No 25

React, Inline Functions, and Performance. Courtesy of Ryan Florence

No 26

Optimizing the Performance of Your React Application. Courtesy of Alex Sears and Auth0

No 27

React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages. Courtesy of Joe Lencioni

No 28

How to greatly improve your React app performance. Courtesy of Noam Elboim

<Progressive Web App>

No 29

A Tinder Progressive Web App Performance Case Study. Courtesy of Addy Osmani

No 30

A React And Preact Progressive Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo. Courtesy of Addy Osmani

No 31

Twitter Lite and High Performance React Progressive Web Apps at Scale. Courtesy of Paul Armstrong

No 32

Building a Small PWA with Preact and Firebase. Courtesy of Dan Denney

<React Native>

No 33

How React Native drastically improved developer velocity at Instagram. Courtesy of Instagram Engineering

No 34

How We Built Our React Native App. Courtesy of Siddharth Jain

No 35

How I built a super fast Uber clone for mobile web. Courtesy of Narendra N Shetty

No 36

Comparing the Performance between Native iOS (Swift) and React-Native. Courtesy of John A. Calderaio

<Case Study>

No 37

Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend. Courtesy of Adam Neary, Software Engineer at Airbnb

No 38

How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native. Courtesy of Tim Anglade

No 39

Create a Docker dashboard with TypeScript, React and Socket.io. Courtesy of Steve Hobbs

No 40

Growing Pains: Migrating Slack’s Desktop App to BrowserView. Courtesy of Charlie Hess, Software Engineer at Slack

No 41

How I built my own course platform. Courtesy of Robin Wieruch


No 42

React Animations in Depth. Courtesy of Nader Dabit

No 43

Animating the Virtual DOM — Sarah Drasner. Courtesy of Sarah Drasner


No 44

Top 50 React Interview Questions and Answers.

No 45

React Interview Question: What gets rendered in the browser, a component or an element? Courtesy of Samer Buna

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