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Course of the month:

A) Beginners: Modern JavaScript From The Beginning. [2,961 recommends, 4.8/5 stars]

B) Application: JavaScript Course — Build Real World Application in 2018. [200 recommends, 4.8/5 stars]

Rank 1

Designing very large (JavaScript) applications. Courtesy of Malte Ubl

Rank 2

Two Years of Functional Programming in JavaScript: Lessons Learned. Courtesy of Victor Nakoryakov

Rank 3

Be careful what you copy: Invisibly inserting usernames into text with Zero-Width Characters. Courtesy of Tom

Rank 4

How I Structure My JavaScript File. Courtesy of Antonin Januska

Rank 5

23 JavaScript design patterns. Courtesy of sonuton

Rank 6

Here are three upcoming changes to JavaScript that you’ll love. Courtesy of Justin Fuller

Rank 7

<link rel=”prefetch/preload”> in webpack. Courtesy of Tobias Koppers


Rank 8

JavaScript’s apply, call, and bind explained by hosting a cookout. Courtesy of Kevin Kononenko

Rank 9

A tale of Webpack 4 and how to finally configure it in the right way. Courtesy of Margarita Obraztsova

Rank 10

The complete guide to JavaScript functions. Courtesy of Code The Web

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