All about creating design style guides

Style guide is a set of standards that establish and enforce style to improve communication. How you create a style guide can significantly impact the productivity of your team and the brand.

Mybridge AI evaluates the quality of content and ranks the top articles for professionals. In this observation, we’ve compared nearly 1,400 articles about creating style guides and picked the top 31 for designers.

1,400 -> 31. Only 2.2% chance to be included.

This list is competitive and carefully includes articles that walk you through the best practices and methodologies in creating a design style guide.


No.1 ) GE’s Predix Design System. Courtesy of Jeff Crossman, Product Designer at GE

No.3 ) Designing of Medium — the earlier version. Courtesy of Geoff Teehan, Product Design Director, Facebook

No.4 ) Managing Style Guides at Shyp. Courtesy of Micah Sivitz, Director of Design at Shyp

No.5 ) Eventbrite Design: An evolutionary process. Courtesy of David Scott, Creative Director at Eventbrite

No.2 ) Buttons in Design Systems . Courtesy of Nathan Curtis, Founder of UX firm Eightshapes.

No.6 ) Medium Brand Development. Courtesy of Medium

That’s it for Design Style Guides.

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